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   AMAZING BAG OF 17 TRICKS, ONE LOW PRICE Auction ID : 127704   
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Location 85396, Arizona
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Start Time May. 09, 2011 11:28:47
End Time May. 11, 2011 11:28:47
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stache47 (6)
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Most items are only slightly used (some never used). All are in great condition . Most come with instructions except as noted. Total new price is over $200.00. Check dealer sites for more info & possibly demos. I'd like to sell all 17, but will consider bids on individual tricks. Individual tricks must be removed then re-listed as a separate auction. Mismade bill, Gemini Ring & Magic Writer are not in the photos.

1. RANDOM ACTS of MAGIC Book by David Archer - Prepare to be intrigued, delighted, elated Random Acts of Magic is an inspired and inspiring collection of more than 60 brand new, bread-and-butter goodies, tightened and refined over thousands of shows, lectures and television appearances! Youll find astonishing tricks with cards, coins, markers, cell phones, matchbooks, matches, receipts, elastics, bottles, balls, bills, wallets, ties, spoons and finger rings, plus anecdotes, road stories, and the first 12 hilarious, thought-provoking essays from Davids column in Genii magazine! Plus much more...This is a great book. I am using several tricks and ideas from it. Now it's time to pass it on. The book is in perfect condition.

2. BABY TAIL SPIN - Printed in beautiful colors on a heavy gloss board, TAIL SPIN will make your head spin! This hilarious prop is guaranteed to make kids snort and bray! They won't be able to keep their laughter "burro"-ed! You show a picture of the cutest little ol' donkey you ever saw. But the poor fellow is missing his tail. Slide the donkey picture (a very visible 5 x 8.5 inches) into an envelope with a large window. A child pretends to throw the tail, and when you pull out the donkey, the tail is stuck to his nose. His eyes are crossed and his ears bent back in surprise! Kids howl! It's not the helper's fault -- you know how stubborn donkeys are! Put it back in, try again, and this time when you pull it out, the tail is completely gone. You look all around for it, and suddenly the kids scream their lungs out because the tail is hanging out of the back of your pants! Trust me on this, the children will weep with joy! This bit of tomfoolery can be used in a variety of settings. It's perfect for birthday parties, of course, but it works great in day care shows, library programs, and school assemblies. Based on an idea by Edwin Hooper with a twist by Selina Frederick. Using Selina's wonderful artwork, TAIL SPIN is printed in full color on heavy boards with a high-gloss finish. You're bound to get a KICK out of this one!

3. COLOR CHANGING SHOELACES -The performer shows a yellow shoelace and pulls it through his hand where it emerges green. When the audience members suspiciously point to the performers closed fist, he opens the hand to reveal a red shoelace.

4. SPOTTY - The performer displays a black cloth bag with white polka dots on the outside. From the bag he removes a plain white and a plain black handkerchief. The bag is turned inside out to show it's empty. Placing the silks inside the bag, the magician explains to the audience that he'll make them switch places. After saying the magic words he removes the silks saying that the white handkerchief is now blue and the blue handkerchief is now white. The audience is understandably unimpressed. Offering to try something even better the magician then announces that he'll place the silks back inside and this time make spots appear on them. However, after removing the same old hankies from the bag there are more complaints from the audience (apparently they didn't believe that you put white spots on the white handkerchief and black spots on the black one!) The magician offers to try things one last time and places the silks back inside and...this time it works! You pull out a white hank covered with black spots and the black hank has white spots all over it! "But wait, there's one more spot left in the bag!" the performer explains, and turns the bag inside out transforming it into a hand puppet of a dog named Spot! Quality made by Ickle Pickle.

5. WILTING FLOWER - This beautiful flower droops on command. Ask someone to breathe on the flower and watch the fun. Very realistic in appearance and well made.No Instructions.

6. MINI DIE BOX - A magic classic you can carry in your pocket. All plastic, box measures 1 1/2"' x 2 3/4": die is 1".

7. SPONGE COLOR - The magician displays three small sponge balls, each a different color. One by one, the balls magically travel from his pocket into his hand. At the end, the three small balls change into one large, triple-colored ball! Comes complete with all the necessary sponges.

8. THE GREAT SQUARE BALL MYSTERY - A sponge cube is displayed to the audience. The magician shows his left hand to be empty and then closes it into a fist. The cube is placed on top of his fist and pushed down inside with the right index finger. The magician then asks the audience if they know which hand the cube is in, but their answer makes no difference-the magician opens both hands to show a sponge ball in each hand!

9. AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR ( 4 ) - Place a sponge hexagon in a spectator's hand. Touch the hand and magically, the spectator opens his hand to find that one sponge has become two sponges. Place two sponges in his hand, and they become three sponges. Finally, place the three sponges in the spectator's hand. Ask, "Do you think the three sponges have become four?" When the spectator opens his hand, the three sponges have turned into a sponge in the shape of a big "4"!

10. MULTIPLYING SPONGEBALLS - One ball muliplys to two, three, & then four balls. Much easier to handle than slippery billiard balls.

11. MINI FLAG BLENDO by Gosh Magic - 3 small silks handkerchiefs, red, white, & blue placed into your fist change into a USA flag.

12. CHOP CUP An all time classic aluminum CHOP Cup by Ickle Pickle Magic.

13. CHICK PAN This is a 5 single load model. No Instructions.

14. GEMINI RING - Brass. This effect is the perfect marriage of the Jardine Ellis Ring, and Ring and String magic! Perform Impossible ring and rope penetrations like you've never imagined!
Use the vast amount of material already available for the Ellis Ring and Ring & String magic to create even more routines.By combining the Ellis Ring Principle with standard Ring and String moves, you will be able to create an entirely new realm of impossible magic!!NO INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED.
15. MISMADE BILL. Here's an unusual $1.00 bill. The ends are in the middle. This is genuine U.S. currency. (NO INSTRUCTIONS)

16. GENE ANDERSON'S TORN & RESTORED NEWSPAER - ( Manuscript) Gene Anderson is the single most influential performer that has perpetuated this miracle. A magical mystery that plays well in a stand-up or stage environment, even up close. This is a manuscript detailing everything you need to perform the Torn & restored newspaper.

17. THE MAGIC WRITER PENETRATION PEN - (Polished Chrome Pen) When it comes to magic with pens, this is the flagship of props. You show a spectator that you have stabbed your pen through an envelope or a bill leaving no hole! The pen gimmick is completely self-contained. Best of all, the entire pen can be handed out for examination.

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